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Discover Cloverdale, the Hidden Secret of Sonoma Wine Country
November 23, 2015
By Sarah Hawthorne, 7 X

Located in a perfectly restored historical building in the heart of town, people of all ages are flocking here for beautiful fabrics with bold patterns and rich colors. Proud owners Dave, his partner Peter, and sister Kate have created a place where people can hang out regularly and do something fun with their hands. Join in on a nightly class or one of the many workshops they offer: from needlework, to fabric dying and quilting.

A Historic Building With a Broken Heart
February 18, 2015
Stories From the Past By Susan Bennett, Cloverdale Reveille

The building at 219 North Cloverdale Blvd. was built in 1875, was first owned by Isaac Shaw, and is on the Historic Registry. In the 140 years since it was constructed, many businesses have been housed in that building, including the post office, the town newspaper, Weston’s Jewelry, restaurants, a coffee shop, a bakery and a print shop. Currently, it is owned and occupied by Bolt Fabric & Home. The owners of Bolt have done a beautiful job renovating not only the inside, but also the outside of this structure, and finally 219 has been returned to its former beauty. When you walk in you feel warm and welcomed, making one feel like they are truly “at home.”  Of course, looking at the many colorful bolts of fabric on the shelves and interesting creative household items on display is a treat.

Bolt Fabric + Home Debuts in Downtown Cloverdale
September 24, 2014
By Jenna Polito Staff Writer, Cloverdale Reveille

A new fabric and home décor store has debuted in one of Cloverdale’s oldest historic buildings. Located in the Isaac E. Shaw building, Bolt Fabric + Home combines a colorful inventory of fine fabrics with items for the home and an interactive environment for the community to engage in creative projects.

New Business Bolt is a Great Browse
September 11, 2014
By Paula Wrenn, Cloverdale Reveille


Bolt has opened for business in the Cloverdale Boulevard building previously occupied by Low Knob Press. I’m going to try to describe it, but I really think you have to see it. Owner Kate Barrett’s card describes it as “fabric + home”. There’s the expected wall of colorful bolts of fabric but also much more. I found an eclectic selection of useful items, gifts, art and home décor items. Anyone who signs up for classes is sure to find the surroundings an inspiration to their creativity. The beautiful arbor-covered back courtyard will be the location for special events. It is a lovely store and I spotted something I wanted (and purchased) immediately. I urge you to take it in when you have a few minutes to enjoy taking it in.


Historic Downtown Building Has a New Tenant

August 31, 2014

By Mary Jo Winter, Press Democrat


Bolt Fabric and Design, Offering an unusual combination of quilting fabric and stiylish home accessories, has moved into one of Cloverdale's oldest historic buildings at 219 N. Cloverdale Blvd.

Teddy Bears to Get Special Homes: Made in Cloverdale With Love


December 18, 2017

by Patricia M. Roth, Cloverdale Reveille Editor


This week there’s going to be a big delivery of teddy bears handmade in Cloverdale to children in Santa Rosa. Each of the 82 bears are destined to bring a smile to a child whose home life has changed dramatically since October.

“The bears will be combined with quilts and pillowcases and distributed before Christmas to families who lost their homes in the fires,” said Kate Barrett, owner of Bolt Fabric + Home.

Bolt held a number of workshops to create the teddy bears. Barrett joined other quilting guilds to put out a call for sew-ins after the October firestorm. Her mission was bears, which could be made in a short time using her precut patterns and fabrics. Other groups went to work making quilts and pillowcases.

The Moonlight Quilters of Sonoma County is managing the distribution of 82 teddy bears this week. “They are going to go a school district in Santa Rosa. We are hoping to do it before school is out (for the holidays),” said Alys Hay of Windsor, a member of Moonlight Quilters who also teaches at Bolt Fabric + Home.

Along with the 82 bears created in Cloverdale, Hay said there were 170 quilts and 160 pillowcases made for fire survivors. Meissner Sewing headed up the quilt venture, and Village Sewing Center managed the pillowcase project.

“I couldn’t be happier. I had no idea we would get this much response,” said Hay, who transported seven bags of bears from Bolt to a Moonlight Quilters’ meeting. “I can just see the look on the kids’ faces when they get those teddy bears … I’m seeing happy faces.”

Workshop volunteers also sewed teddy bears for Cloverdale’s police and fire departments. Police officers drive around with teddy bears in their vehicles to hand to children who may need comforting during a call. Bolt donated teddy bears to the Cloverdale Fire Department, too, to be given to children firefighters encounter when they respond to fire and medical emergencies.

What Our Customers Are Saying

This unique, brand new quilt shop on the boulevard in Cloverdale is beautiful!  It is in an historical building near the longest continually lived in home (now a really great museum by the Cloverdale Historical Society) in the area.  It is also located by a sunkissed garden and an aromatic coffee place with umbrella tables out front on the sidewalk like a French café.  Fabriques et Antiques.


The sweet quilt shop's owner did such a wonderful job of making this attractive fledgling enterprise so appealing, inviting and comfortable.  I'm sure once any quilter visits, it will quickly become one of their favorite places to frequent!  If I recall correctly, the owner introduced herself as Kate. She greeted me warmly and I really enjoyed chatting with her. She's made this unique store charming and full of good stuff.  And functional.  There's a work area with sewing machines set up for anyone who would like to come in and sew.  Directly behind which resides a design wall for quilters to use whenever they'd like.  Even if they aren't actually stitching there. Of acute importance to shopping and browsing patrons is being able to see well when choosing fabrics and/or cutting and stitching them up.  Lots of light in this quilt shop!  Daylight streams in through ample windows showing off Kate's displays and décor.  Plenty of good quality built-in illumination, too. The bolts of gorgeous fabrics just about crow with delight at how they are displayed to such advantage in this light and airy place. 


What a welcoming, cozy place to settle into a cushy, comfy armchair while losing oneself in an absorbing quilt book and admiring the chortling, sunbathed fabrics and fascinating antiques! When you go, check out Kate's imaginative decorating in the bathroom, too. 

--  CW


I will confess that opening day I went down to Bolt...TWICE!! Bought a huge stack of gorgeous lovely fabric...then returned and bought more!!

One really nice thing is that if the owner was able to get a bolt of something for a *closeout* price - she prices it accordingly! I got some super yummy Organic stuff for $6.00/yd!! There was even some very cool stuff at $3/yd! And overall - prices were so reasonable!

The home decor items lends the shop a really comfy *cool* feel and the fabrics were wonderful. 

Great shop - I really hope she prospers and meets with tremendous success!




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